Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, here in Virginia we are wishing for snow! It did snow all day on Monday (my hubby's b-day) and we are going to get more, they say! =) I hope this time it is more fluffy! It has been bitter cold here! But that is fine with me! It just doesn't feel like Christmas if it isn't cold outside!

Today was Sam's first day back at school this week, she was sick with pink eye. But my favorite part was when I took her to the Dr on Monday and the Dr asked her why she was there? Her answer was "I don't know?" So then her dr asked her if she was just there to hang out? She said yes! The teenage brain is taking over!

I have all my Christmas cards out, sad to say I didn't make them. Maybe next year!

Only a couple of gifts left to buy and wrap!

Not really sure if I am going to be doing any baking this year, just not really feeling it.

Sam will decorate her gingerbread house this week! She was getting things from around the house to decorate her locker with.

I hope everyone isn't too rushed and is relaxing and enjoying the wonderful gifts around them!