Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jack is the BIG # 4!

I really can't believe Jack is four! They do really grow way too fast! For his birthday on the 27th, we went to a park in the morning so I could get my dream picture of him holding balloons. Then we went to another park with friends, for fun and cupcakes! Then we came home had pizza and opened gifts and had cake! He had a great day! Then on Saturday, we went to the pool at Papa's and then came home had burgers, with Papa and Brenda, then opened more gifts and had some brownies that Brenda made for Jack!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer is here!!

SUMMER IS HERE! The kids are out of school!
Samantha's last day was June 16th, so this coming week will be our first full week of summer!

This is Samantha and her friend, on the last day heading out the door!

It is going to be a challenge to keep her busy this summer.

Jack is doing great, all boy keeping me on my toes all the time still! A few nights ago he had a dream about the Ice cream truck. (BUT HE HATES ICE CREAM) But in his dream I guess I was upstairs and wouldn't go outside with him to get him any. So every night as he is laying down to go to sleep he says "come to me in my dreams, Ice cream truck!" over and over! It is so funny! He will help me read at night. We read at least 3 books a night, his favorites are Go Dogs GO! and The going to bed book.

Here is Jack playing with Dominos!

We have done our Summer 2011 list of things we would like to do this summer.
We might add to it later, but this is what we have so far...

Also did some playing around with my camera, got some pretty good pictures of Jack! It was fun!

One last picture, I took the kids to get ice cream, I have been wanting to go to this one ice cream place that had this Huge Chair! It SCREAMS SUMMER!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week...

I found some awesome blogs with lots of amazing ideas for Teacher Appreciation week!
They are also great gift ideas for anyone really!

First: at how does she?
I really LOVE these pads of paper and that you can get 6 done for a little bit of money! Also love the idea of letting the kids decorate the sides of it!

Second: at Gluesticks I just Love the Cute Brown Bag Apple Gift Sacks!

Third: at Skip to my Lu These are so cute to put in a pot of flowers!

Forth: at Anything but perfect, really cute idea get a tumbler (bed bath & beyond) and put a gift card to Starbucks inside!

These are what Samantha and I made for her teacher's! She was mad that I didn't have all the supplies Sunday to finish them up. OH, my she had to wait one more day to deliver them!

I think they turned out good!

VIsit from my parents

We had a good visit. They stayed at the beach. Sam spent the night once with them. Wish they would have stayed closer to the house or with us. We just didn't really get to spend as much time with them as I thought we would have. Everyday they came over around 10am never went out to breakfast Really wanted to take them to the Broken Egg Bistro. I love it there! They didn't want to plan anything so it was, fly by the seat of your pants. I much rather plan. The Monday they were here we went to Yorktown (my dad picked). We got there and everything was closed on Mondays! One day we went to the beach didn't last 30 minutes had to leave because Samantha was sick. (ok with me, it was really windy down there and Jack was screaming, from getting slapped with sand) They could have came back to the house with me and just hung out.

Then they went back to the hotel around 3pm daily. Except the day we cooked out at Jim & Brenda's.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saturday is almost here!

We are all so excited that Saturday is almost here, because my parents are coming out, and will be here for a week!

There has been a lot going on around here! Last weekend my friend and I had a yard sale, the weather wasn't that good but we still made some money! Oh, and I got a sunburn! Now I am peeling, oh how I hate that!
On Saturday, when I was doing the yard sale my Hubby took the kids to the CIRCUS! They got spoiled, they had Awesome Seats! Had tons of cotton candy and hats! They also got picked to go on stage!

I have been busy planting flowers in the yard, making it beautiful for my mom! I have started some seeds inside for Jack to watch them grow, Basil and Parsley. Also started some grass in a glass container, to bring some green inside!

I took the dog to the groomer to get a bath. He still isn't talking to me or eating. He must be on Strike. To say he is never going again!

I finally ordered my Photo book for the year 2010, from Snapfish! They had a 150 page MAX and I had to get rid of a few pages! I haven't got it yet in the mail yet but I will let you know if it is all I hoped it would be! =)

Also, I have fallen in love with the website http://www.elephantsonthewall.com/
It just might be the answer to adding a little something to Jack's room that I have been looking for! You should go and check it out! NOW!

Samantha is doing good with her brace! The first day was really bad. Yesterday was her first day wearing it to school, because she was sick on Monday and Tuesday. Every other day I can tighten it up just a bit more!

Sunday, Jack went home with Granny so I can try and get the house ready for my parents.

Last night, Sam and I put out all the Easter stuff! Need to go to Dollar Store and pick up just a few little things.

Samantha also Won Student of the Month! YIPPIEE! They got breakfast brought in by Chick-fil-a, Sam's favorite!

Off to go start some more Laundry!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I am so happy it is Friday! The sun is shinning here, but it is cold outside. High today will be 49.

Earlier in the week we did have some nice warmer weather, where Jack got to play outside at his friend's house. He is beginning to love the dirt.

I re-painted a picture for in Jack's room. This is Before...

This is after!

I really wanted to re-do his room with a theme, but don't think it will be. He likes too many things. Can't choose just one. =)

Wednesday after school Sam fell off a scooter and got scraped up pretty good. Some how she scraped up her hip. Both hands, both elbows and her knee. She doesn't handle pain well, so it has been constant topic when she is home.

To DO List Today:
Clean off desk
Keep adding to yard sale pile!

I hope you have a wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My kids did wear green today, but I did not. I didn't even get pinched either! =)

Jack has pneumonia, so we are doing the neb every 4 hrs and he is on antibiotics for 10 days.
Today he was doing much better but still has that bad cough. Sam is also coughing now, oh and so am I.

The hubby is out of town on business. So I am trying to do some crafty things!

Samantha goes to the Dr. tomorrow to get measured for her brace. I hope Jack is good in the Doctor's office.

I am getting excited that my parents will be her in 1 month!

Just ordered my Dad's b-day gift, he is turning 60 on Tuesday!

It was a beautiful day today! I hope the same is in store for tomorrow!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Samantha's Orthopedic doctor appointment went about as we thought, I guess. She has 2 curves in her spine, so they cancel each other out, that's why she doesn't stand crooked.
But she will get fitted for a brace, and have to wear it for 23 hours a day. Good news is only for a year - year & half. The plan is to STOP it from getting worse, and pray it works. So she can avoid surgery. Her spine also twist, so that makes the ribs twist, so if that gets worse it can crowed her lung & heart, and cause problems when she is older. I think she realizes how important it is to wear the brace, but I am sure I will have to be the nagging mom. They will call us with the appointment to go get fitted, then we go back to the Orthopedic, to make sure it is right.

I plan on going to the grocery store and then relaxing today.

Yesterday, I was sick with a really bad stomach bug. I did manage to get to the craft show with Brenda and the kids. I got a few things. But I didn't last very long, I had to lay down.

Jack is sick with a bad cough and wheezing, also complaining of a stomach ache.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! I am so glad the time has changed, Jack won't be getting up at 5am now only 6.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

My thoughts and Prayers are with the people that have been struck today with disaster. Japan, Hawaii, and the West Coast. I am so grateful my Sister & her family is home safe and sound, She came home on Sunday from Hawaii.

Today I woke to my back still hurting, note to self: I cannot lift the dog 4+ times in a day, my back can't handle it.

Jack is watching Nemo on Disney, I am not sure he has ever seen it all. I hope that will keep him quiet for a few minutes!

The Kids went to the Dentist yesterday, Sam did great! No cavities! Jack wouldn't get in the chair at all! I hope next time is better.

I am trying to figure out Jack's room, I wish it could look like a boys room out of a magazine, but I am wondering if that is really even possible! And he is no help he changes his mind daily.

I am working on a few projects.
a) Sam's school Scrapbook
b) Art for Jack's walls (I am attempting to paint something)
c) Make a photo wall upstairs hallway

The Hubby took off today, Sam goes to the orthopedic today about her Scoliosis. We are hoping her spine isn't too bad and will just have to wear a brace for a while. Then we are going to the movies to see MARS NEEDS MOMS.

NOTE: Make sure Markers are all Washable! ;)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow, Monday

Today was defiantly a Monday. I had to run to a few stores that were not very kid friendly and I sure got an earful from the little boy that had to ride with me. After the second store he told me we weren't going in any more stores, and we were going home! Oh, the joy's of having a 3 & 1/2 yr old with a mouth! Like for instants when the third store we stopped at was Farm Fresh, always starts out as "I want to ride in the car one" I say "NO" (sorry, I can't stand them I just think of all the germs) Then I try to ignore him and then I notice he is gone. Yep, he went to get the car one himself! So then I say "OK, but you HAVE TO stay inside the car." He agrees. So I proceed to the deli to get some lunch meat. I notice he is making honking noises. I try to ignore. Then a few minutes later he is climbing out of course. So I inform him he will be going to time-out when we get home. He doesn't care. So we make it down a few more isles, then proceed to the check out. The little boy is now out of the car, walking to the candy by the check out, he grabs gum. I tell him "no." He throws it up on the conveyor belt, into the items that belong to the man in front of me. I inform the boy that that man will not be buying it for him either. Then the boy got back into the car I remove the gum. Then he gets back out of the car and tells me I need to get some other kind of gum, I tell him no, he says "I'm going to stay there until I buy it." I say "well, I am leaving." Then the boy wants to ride on top of the car. I inform him he cannot ride there. I tell him I need his help carrying the bags out, and hand him a bag. This is the best, are you ready for it? So walking to the car the boy informs his mother, that if she ever treats him rude like that again in Farm Fresh she will have to stay there. The mother says "oh, I don't think so I have the keys and driver's license." Then he says, "You are not being a good mom, when we get home I am going to bust you up." I inform the boy he will be going to time out for a long time when we get home for talking like that. So the whole way home he tell me, he isn't going to give me anymore kisses ever. We get home he gets out of the car, his Papa happens to be coming out of our house as we are going in and he says again, I'm going to bust you up, We come in the house and the little boy goes to time-out.

Later this afternoon, pick up Sam. Jack has a Re-check appt. from Saturday when I took him and they said he had the FLU. Gave him the Tamiflu, Seems to be doing better. Yep, I would say back to normal 3yr old self. Then I ask the dr to look at the rash by his face. She looks at it then looks at his hands, Yeah, that looks like hand, foot and Mouth. I think to myself::::GREAT:::::: This kid isn't even in school yet, are you kidding me! So we get back to the car, I notice him stick his hand down his pants and then pick his nose and then stick his finger in his ear, Sam and I look at each other and say No wonder he has Hand, Foot, Mouth!


Oh, and Sam is learning Family Life. Today was Day 1, she learned Don't have Sex! For some reason she thought that was so funny.

This is pretty much how it goes every day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 20th 2011

I can't believe it is almost March. I am happy that it has been a little warmer here! Spring is on the way, my daffodils are coming up! Jack checks them everyday and says MOM they have grown!

Everyone in my house has been sick all this month. The Hubby and I are now on meds and I am hoping the kids won't have to go to the doctor this week.

Samantha went to her 12 year check up last week. I had him look at her back. He sent us down to get X-rays, she has scoliosis. We go to a Orthopedic on the 28th.

Jack has been doing a great job with the whole potty training thing, he has been dry for the past week! I still put a diaper on him at night! I am trying to figure out what to do with his room. I would like to update it from a baby room. Can't believe he will be 4 soon!

We are getting excited for my parents to come out here in April, during Sam's Spring Break!
Don't really have any huge plans yet, just to spend time together. It will be my dad first time to see Jack since he was born! I am excited to see them together!

It's been nice to have the hubby home with us for the past 2 whole months! But soon will have to go out of town. We have been doing some updates around the house, new light fixtures inside and out. Replaced our bedroom fan, it has a remote!

I am excited for my sister and her family getting ready to go to Hawaii for a week. I hope they have a safe and very fun trip!