Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sept. 29, 2009

I am trying to still get caught up on my laundry. I am also working on organizing my stamping stuff, getting rid of what I don't use. I want to buy some new sets! I am tired of looking at the same old ones!
I am listing to Jack talk in his bed. He doesn't seem to want to take naps anymore.
I am going to take Scooby to the vet this afternoon, his ears are so nasty! I don't know what to do with him, he is always scratching.
I am thinking about taking out my Halloween decorations! But I am trying to hold off until Oct. 1.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday already?

Bye bye old van.... The dealer removing my tags.

I can't believe it is Sunday already. This weekend flew by.
I will start with Friday. My H was off of work and went and got me a new van! I love Honda! My H got me a silver, 2010 Honda Odyssey, I am loving it and so are the kids! My Chrysler was just starting to have too many issues and it only had 25,000 miles on it. But I don't think any car will ever be as needed as that one was. I will never forget when my H brought it home for us. 2 years ago, with the new baby it was needed! It made everything so much easier.
Saturday we went to my H's dad's house for a BBQ. It was fun and yummy! Jack wasn't very good he wouldn't take a nap before we left.
Today, we went to one of my favorite places for lunch, Wild Wing. Sam and I went to Target! And of course watching football. Well, I'm not but my H is. I tried to clean house and it seemed I would clean one area and then the kids or my H would come in and trash it again so I gave up on it. I will try tomorrow when everyone is at work or school!
I hope everyone has a great Week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, not too much going on here. I am thinking of going to the Dollar store and looking for some fall decorations. I am so happy that tomorrow is the first day of Fall, I am ready. But it is still 80 here.

Samantha has to take her Violin to school tomorrow, for her first class.

Jack is playing with his cars, that is all he wants to do.

My to do list, make Sam allergy shot appt. try and get the house clean, and get all the laundry done.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Jack, not so much a baby.

I think I am slacking on keeping track with Jack these days so I just wanted to jot some things down so I don't forget. He is growing so fast!

1. I love it when he asks me "wanna play cars with me mommy?" (HOW could I SAY NO)

2. Now that we have his costume he will bring it to me and say "Can I put on my pumpkin costume please?"

3. He loves to play with his cars, but is always asking me where one of them is.

4. He likes to scream at the dog and make him jump.

5. He will say he wants to color but will just switch the caps on the markers around.

6. I don't think he ever eats more than 5 bites at a meal.

7. He loves for me to read Blues Clues over and over.

8. He hates to get his hair rinsed in the bathtub.

9. He loves to play with his sister, & she loves to play with him.

10. He loves to call people on my phone, he knows how it works. I am apologizing now if he has called you and hung up. He will call Grandma and say I want to talk to my Daddy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sept. 10, 2009

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday and my hubby comes home! Samantha had a good day at school. After school we went to the music store, and got Sam a violin. She doesn't need it until the 23rd but she is so excited, I hope she stays this excited all year!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Already?

I can't believe it is Wednesday already. Samantha had a good first day yesterday. Her only homework was to find a graph in a magazine. But they said homework this year should be no more than 50 min. I guess they say it should be 10 min. for each grade. It was a gloomy day all day yesterday, I just wanted to stay in bed all day. But that didn't happen. The dog keeps getting sick he threw up both of his meals yesterday and then again this am. Oh and of course he has to do it on the new rug I just bought last week, can't do it on the hardwood. So I just made him chicken and rice. I hope he can keep that down, and I don't have to take him to the vet.
The sun is shinning today, It is coming threw the window and warming me up, I have been cold all day.
Jack is taking a nap, he is so busy and rough, always going 100 mph. I was able to go in Hallmark and get a few cards for Grandparents day, is on Monday. I don't always remember but when I do I like to send a card for all the grandparents. So I was happy to get that done!
Well, I am going to clean out the car while Jack is sleeping, and maybe do some laundry!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting back to a schedule!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I don't feel ready at all. But it is here if I am ready or not. Samantha is ready, she has a very nice teacher. I just can't believe 5th grade is here already!
My H left today and will be back on Friday. So I get to do the whole first week alone.
I am sure I can handle it, but I am sure it will be crazy in the mornings with Jack.
We had a great trip to Colorado the Family reunion went great the weather was beautiful. It will not be one forgotten for sure with the Polka music. I took over 800 pictures. Now I just need to get them to everyone.
It was so great to see my BFF, I wish I could have hung out more with her. It was great to meet her little cutie pie! She was so nice and quite compared to Jack!
It is always wonderful to see a friend who knows how it was when you were little, and was there with you threw it all.
Sam and I got to see my sisters house, and to meet her huge dog, Vesta! She is just so big,
the photos don't give her size justice at all.

Sam and I also loved the Denver Zoo, it is so nice. The weather was great the day we went.
The Lion really liked Sam, it kept starring at her.