Sunday, August 22, 2010


Next week at this time we will be enjoying the view of the lake! We are all so excited to go back to the lake! I am starting to get things together that we need to take with us. Last time I think I over packed so, I am only trying to take what we will need.

I have been alone since 7:45 pm last night! Well not all alone I have the dog here with me. But no kids, or husband! I couldn't tell you the last time my house has been this quite! All I hear in my ear is the clock my mom painted ticking away! Last night when Granny picked up the kids, I jumped in my car to go get a pedicure and my nails done. It was nice all I could think about was going home to an empty house!

The day before yesterday, some guy ran into Samantha and she was wearing flip flops and he stepped on her pinky toe and broke it. So she has been milking it for all it's worth. I know it hurts because I have done it too! I told her of course right before was leave town, she would break a toe! The hubby was joking with her telling her "Shreck called he wants his toe back!"
Then Jack would say "oh my toe, I just broke it and it is bleeding everywhere!" Oh the drama!

To do List for this week...
Get Packed for the lake
Jack getting his 3yr pictures done (I know a little late but better than never) He will be in his cowboy outfit
Eye dr on Wednesday, to have my contacts checked
Friday, Take the dog in to get boarded
Saturday to the lake we go

I can't believe the summer is almost over!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 17, 2010

Outside: Today was very hot, 96 was what my car said so the heat index was well over 100! AGAIN!

Kids: Are doing fine, Jack is counting really good! He loves doing puzzles, right now he enjoys the 24 pc ones! Yesterday we went to the thrift store and he found one and begged me the whole way home to do it. He really wanted to do it in the store! It was really cute! At the thrift store Sam found a dress I said she could only wear as a Halloween costume. You will have to wait to see it on Halloween!

This Morning: We cleaned out the new cage for PackRat! Yes she is still here! Jack is so funny, he will be holding her and she will clean her front feet and he will say "Oh look she is clapping!" And Sam will ask him if she can hold her and he will tell her no, it is his turn!

To Do List: Laundry, dog bath, clean up my desk, get some birthday cards, eye dr tomorrow.

So I am sure you are wondering about my find at the thrift store, I found an alligator for my Hubby. He is in FL and said he wanted to see one. So I am going to let this one surprise him when he gets home!

Sam is having a friend sleep over, so off to bed I go. I know she will be up early!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I can't believe it is Friday already! I am tired, long night again last night with Jack. I ended up sleeping with him on his floor. Samantha spent the night at a friends house, so she is also tired. I hope we all sleep well tonight!

I am working on laundry, I also consedered going to the laundry mat and getting it all done at once!

I have gotten some things checked off my to do list
Eye Dr appt
Haircut appt.
Return some things (had to go drop off at ups)
Order meds. threw the mail (for some reason this is hard for me and I really rather just pick up at Walgreens)

Earlier in the week we went to the thrift store and Jack was so happy he found the phone that was in Toy Story 3, it is the orginial one it makes the noise when the wheels turn and has the longer string for him to pull it all around the house, and the eyes move.
But it was missing the receiver. He has played with it alot it was worth the .98 cents!

The hubby and I are trying to figure out a bed for Jack, don't really know what to go with. We are going to figure it out tomorrow. He is just too big for the crib and his car bed he rolls out of.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! It's not going to be too hot here, FINALLY!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi all, it is Sunday! I am feeling very lazy toady. I am trying to do laundry, but is is never ending! It is still very hot here!
My Hubby came home yesterday, so we are all happy now! Jack misses him alot now he is getting bigger. He loves to play with his daddy!
The kids and I went to a few thrift stores, didn't find anything we couldn't live without. Maybe we will go to some around the beach tomorrow.
Samantha has been doing really well keeping her room clean and making her bed everyday! She was so excited she counted her silly bands today and has 202! She kept trying to get Jack to trade with her, but he wasn't trading today!

I talked to my sister today, they are doing well, except for the getting up alot at night. But that is to be expected!

Since Jess decided to close down the baby store we have had a visitor with us, but she will soon be going to jess's house.
My kids are always asking if they can get her out. She is very cute but I worry too much about her getting away from them and her making my couch her home. She is a hamster named Pack Rat.
Now that Jack is 3 years old, he can open doors and lock them, I am so glad we have the alarm on the house so every time he opens the door I can hear it! He also opens the fridge!

Tomorrow I am going to work on my long list of things to do!