Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jack's Birthday Party...

Yesterday we had a small party for Jack. He had a blast! He loves his new car that Daddy got for him! I really didn't think he was going to be able to work it. But he can just fine.
He tried to blow out his candles but couldn't so Dad helped!
Thanks for all the wonderful gifts, he loved everything, of course!
I was so excited that he could open his own gifts! I can't believe he is two! He is so smart, I love everyday and every minute with him!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture Day!

It was so nice I got to sleep in this morning. Jack didn't wake up until 9:30! We just relaxed around the house. Samantha packed her bag for Roanoke with Granny. She left tonight around 8:30.
The pictures turned out good. Jack of course didn't want to take a nap today.
I got a great deal. I had a coupon for a free pose, and $10.00 off, SO I got 5 sheets for $8.00! They are regularly $15 a sheet.
That should make my hubby proud! I did one with Jack and Sam and then one with Jack wearing his shirt that had the number 2 on it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My day started out we went to the library at 9 am, when they opened. Sam wanted to get her first prize for doing the summer reading program.
Then we went on the the allergy doctor office. Didn't start too good we waited 30 min before they every called her back to get her shot. Then about 6 min after she got them she looks at me and says .... my arms itch. So I looked at it and it was all red so I told her to go let the nurse look at it. So I am trying to catch Jack and trying to get her to go ahead and get back there. So I get back there and there are 2 nurses checking her out. Jack is screaming because I am holding him. So they listen to her and say she is fine and they put a bit of cream on it. Went back in the waiting room to finish waiting our 30 min.
Jack of course continues to be hard to get along with. (Big Shocker I know)
We got in the car and Sam is very quite and I ask her what is wrong and she said that was scary. I thought to myself, no it would have been scary if I would have had to shove that Epi pen in your leg!
Then we went to Walgreens to pick up some more pictures. They have a special going if you order 50 4x6 prints you get them for $5! I needed 400 pictures!
I have been Scrapbooking like a crazy woman! I did finish both 2007 albums. One is Jack's and the other is the family one.
Now I am to July of 2008 and didn't realize what a busy year it was. Jeff and I took Sam to Atlantic City and saw Hannah Montana. My sister came out, Sam went to Disney. Jeff and I went to Atlantic City for our annv. Jeff, Jack and I went to Ohio. Bonnie, Jack, Sam and I went to NY. SO there were a lot of trips last year. Samantha also caught up her school album for me!
We are working on getting school supplies, seems I always wait until the last minute, so I am keeping an eye on what's on sale that we need to get.
We are also still working on Jack getting potty trained, seems to be going well, I think I just need to remember to take him in there more often. He loves his Car pull-ups.
I can't believe Jack is going to be 2 in 6 days. I have been working with him to hold up his 2 fingers, and say I am 2 yrs old! I haven't ordered a cake yet, I keep flip-flopping in my head about what kind of cake to get Cars or Pooh. Today I am thinking Cars.
I did order his gifts so they should be here any day! I am not going to have a huge party... just family over for cake. We are going tomorrow to get pictures done! I hope he is good! (but won't hold my breath)

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th

Jack has been sick again with a bad cold, I took him to the Dr. on Saturday morning. Today I think he is on his way to feeling better. His cough seems looser, and he got some good rest. He slept in until 10 am!!! That was a nice treat for me! Because I couldn't go to sleep last night with my H gone. It is always hard for me to go to sleep the first few nights he is gone. He will be gone for 2 weeks. So he will be back home just in time to celebrate Jack's 2nd Birthday! I did decide not to throw a huge party, It will just be us and grandparents. I will still order him a pooh cake, or I did think about making one. I just put Jack down for his nap, Sissy was going to read to him and said "Jack what book to you want me to read?" He answered "Ummmm, I don't know!" It was so funny. Right now he loves the book, I Love you Stinky Face. (very cute book)

On Friday Samantha got out her American Girls and dressed them.... Jack had to get in there and play too, it was so cute, he was trying to put on the shoes!
Plan for the week.... Scrapbooking!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This morning started out me waking to Jack Screaming in my face then him moving my hair from my eyes, so he could see if he woke me!
Then quickly got dressed to help my H get stuff ready so he could take the items that he sold on ebay to the post office. And get out the trash, I love trash day, I love getting all the stinky diapers out of my garage! They are my favorite days of the week, yes they come twice a week!
Then I came upstairs and was reading Sam's dry erase board and it said Today: 80 degrees and SHOT. I thought for a minute and looked at her and said "OH, it's Tuesday, You have to get your shots" And of course she already knew that!
So then I am running around the house trying to feed the dog, get Jack dressed, you know all the morning stuff.
We got there and Jack was ok at first because there was not any other little kids there. So she got her shot and we went back the the waiting area. And there comes in more kids, and Jack of course wants every toy they have and every chair they are sitting in, and is trying to take toys away. Oh and taking his shoes off. Climbing over the arm rest of the chairs, that was where I drew the line and picked him up and said NO. Some other mom said "You are not being a good boy!" Of course I would have like to taken him out of the waiting room, but I can't so they all had to listen to him Screaming. Then he said he was going to be good. YEAH right, Don't ever trust a almost 2 yr old! So I let him down and he was ok until it was time to go back and get her arms checked. OH, my everyone in the whole building could hear him screaming.
He wanted to play, and I just scooped him up, and the nurse said "Can you call the Hospital and Schedule her next shot." (I know she just wanted me and my screaming kid out of there!)
So, He was in BIG Trouble! He didn't get to watch his Car movie in the car. I think he understood, that he was in trouble. ( But I am sure he has already forgotten why)
I hope the rest of the day is not a battle all day with the 2 yr old! =)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth!

Happy Forth of July!

We are going to go to My father-in-laws house and get in the pool! We will go after Jack's nap.
Samantha is coming home from Roanoke tonight! She didn't have that much fun this time with Granny, but that is life! Her Aunt Jamie was there also and she had a kidney stone, so they were all up Thursday night. Then Samantha fell down and scraped her knee up pretty good!
Tonight... I will be making more little cake and brownie burgers for the July Birthday cookout tomorrow at my H's Grandmother's house.
Well I must get back to cleaning up the house while Jack is still SLEEPING!

I am so Happy that Jack is feeling Much better! =) Strep is no fun!