Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Samantha now sick

When I picked Samantha up from school yesterday she had her sad face on so I asked her what what the matter she said that her ears hurt.  So  I call the Drs office and they said to do a walk in in the morning at 7:30.  Yuck.   So that is what we did this moring.  I hated taking Jack in the sick part, but he is still on his medicine, and I wouldn't let him get down and play with the toys.  We had to wait for a long time.  But sure enough, she did have an ear infection.  So I just kept her home today.  She can't hear anything, and she was talking really loud all day.   

Yesterday, I took Jack to the mall for the opening of the new play area,  the company my sister works for, PLAYTIME made it.  It was so cool, it was the first one they did with a Warner Brothers theme.
They had Fred Bode, the lead animator for Warner Brothers there, doing sketches for Free!  This is what he did for Jack!  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture Day!

Yes, today we went to The Picture People, and got the kids pictures done.  We were going to go last week, but with Jack so sick we had to move it.  Today, Jack was in such a good mood all day!  Then he didn't want to take his afternoon nap, so I was a little worried how it was going to go. 
He did good, of course he didn't want to sit down or be still for 5 seconds.  But the photographer got some great shots.  We did some poses in there Christmas outfits, and some in their p.j.'s! 

Outside my window:  hot, it was 70 here today. Yuck, I want snow!

I am thankful for:  my two wonderful children, I am so happy to spend everyday with them.

From the kitchen:  I made dinner, but didn't have much flavor.

I am creating: ornaments for loved ones.

I am going:  To MacArthur Mall tomorrow, to see the big unveiling of their new play area, the company my sister works for did.

I am hearing: the dog snore very loudly.

Around the house:  The tree is up, with presents under it, but the baby gate around it to keep Jack out.

Things on my to do list:  mail some boxes, bake, wrap, give the dog a bath.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy 30th to my wonderful Husband!

We didn't do much to celebrate my husbands big 30th birthday.  But I think that was how he wanted it.  We where going to go out to a nice dinner but Jack woke up from his nap in a bad mood and wouldn't stop crying.  So we decided to just stop at a fast little mexican place, for a quick bit to eat.  Jack was loud and not too happy.  But we made it threw the meal, without one of us taking him to the car.  Then we came home and we sang Happy Birthday and had yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone.
Samantha had been wanting to make popcorn garland for our tree so I showed her how to do it and she made 2 strings... we will see if she makes any more.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Today was a great day!  Jack is almost back to himself, after being so sick for the last 10 days.  I am glad to see my smiling baby again!  My husband took off of work today to relax, he was going to play golf.  But we just had way too much rain yesterday and this morning.  Our backyard was a lake.  Tonight I decided it was time to get all the boxes in the mail, and on there way.  I am so glad I have that done.  Now I  just need to finish the I spy bags.  And a little more shopping.  We received our first Christmas card today!