Thursday, January 28, 2010

The day before the big 3-1!

I really can't believe that tomorrow I will be 31 years old. I am thankful I am well to celebrate it with my kids. My Hubby is still out of town. That's ok b/c in a few weeks he will make it up to me by taking me to Atlantic City without the kids =)
I am feeling much better, little headaches, coughing, and sore throat, but at least I can get out of bed.
I have been cleaning all day! I really wanted to have a clean house for my birthday. I need to go down and clean the floors but that shouldn't take too long.
We are going to get snow.... So they say. 10 inches! I hope so but I am not going to hold my breath.
I am creating Valentine's for the ones I love.
Sam had a half day today and No school tomorrow or Monday!
I was happily surprised when we came home this afternoon to find a nice box on the porch with some beautiful tulips from sister! Oh how they make me smile =) THANK YOU CATHY!
In the kitchen for dinner I made chicken and dumplings... YUMMMM they were good!
I am looking forward to a nice quite day with my kids tomorrow.
Well, Jack is in bed I need to go clean up the kitchen!

Good night ya'll see you when I am 31!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan. 23, 2010

Saturday I think, I really don't know what day it is anymore. Things are still a blurr for me. All I really know for sure is I don't feel well and haven't for many days now.
Thursday night I asked my H's step-mom to come back over and stay with us. Just easy things like feeding Jack or changing his diaper seemed impossible. She of course did, once again we are so lucky to have her in our family.
Friday I called Jack's dr back b/c his cough is still so bad and he was still saying his ear hurt. So we went back, she said we must have the flu and gave him the Tamiflu stuff. So then I called my dr office to see if they could call me in something, that was like asking them to do the impossible, I was really ticked off at them. But they finally did. Thank goodness, I didn't have the voice or energy to fight them.
Sam didn't go to school on Friday b/c she had a temp on Thursday night. Today she has a sore throat so she is coming down with it. My hubby is missing out on a really fun time!
Jack has been so cute, I have to share what he has been sleeping with lately.
Buzz and woody (of course)
Green toy solders ( from Toy Story also)
people from the little people house
alway his pooh bear
last 2 nights his lion.
oh and an alien (yep, Toy Story)

The next time you hear from me I hope I am well and so is everyone else in my house. =)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's been awhile

This week has gone by very crazy for me. Where do I even start... I will start with Sunday my Hubby left out of town for work. Monday, Jack's nose was pouring and he was very fussy. He was up all night, at 5am he went in and turned on Sam's light and then she started screaming. He finally went to bed around 6am Tues. for a few hours. Then yesterday was a wild day everything was pretty normal until I picked Sam up from school and she was in the kitchen fixing her snack, and Jack a snack. Next thing I know she is runny out of the kitchen waving at the fire alarm, I guess so it wouldn't go off. I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on, so I run in the kitchen and there is smoke pouring from the microwave, I yell at her to get Jack and the dog and get outside. I went back in the kitchen (she was making Jack some mac and cheese in the cup where you just add water.) She forgot the water and to remove all of the plastic off the top, it was just a pile of burned macaroni in the microwave and the worst smell ever! So I go out check on them. Then go back in with a coat around my face and open up the house, good thing it was in the 60's yesterday!
So I thought we will just leave the house for a few and let it air-out, I was driving down the road and Jack wouldn't stop screaming, the dog was in the back of the van. So I pull into 7-eleven, one I don't ever go to either. Give Sam $5 to go get her and Jack a snack, and I decide to vacuum out my car, thinking she will be back in just a sec. so I let Jack put the money in and I try to set him down and he isn't having it, so I ended up vacuuming the whole car holding him. Keep thinking where is Sam the whole 5 min I am vacuuming. Finally I go in there and she is in line wrapped around the whole store. (Jack still screaming) I go back outside and call Jack's doctor's office. Sam finally comes out I get in the back seat with Jack trying to figure out what was the matter and calm him down. Because he won't let me put him in the car seat just to get us home. I sat back there with him for about 45min. finally put him in his seat and drove us back home, and waited for the dr office to call me back.
They finally call back and said bring him at 5:30. So we waited for 5:30 to come, I noticed he was wheezing and seemed to be having a little trouble breathing. But he was ok.
We got to the Dr office and there was only 1 other person in there so we didn't wait long.
They took us back, I said he is wheezing the nurse said take off his shirt, she went and got the pulse ox machine to see what his oxygen level was, but couldn't get a reading because he wouldn't hold still. Then the dr came in said yeah he is working hard, they brought in some liquid steroids for him and then the neb.... that was when the fun started trying to hold him down and hold the mask on his face, a nurse had to help me hold him down, he screamed the whole time and kept telling the nurse "I'm sick" she just kept telling him she knew and was trying to make him better. So a few min after that treatment the Dr came in and listened to him again, said we need to do another treatment. The second one wasn't so bad, he was so tired, so he fell asleep. Then the Dr said give him another treatment at 10. So we left there around 7:20 with 3 meds to get filled & a Neb for Jack, it is so cute it has a little fish mask. (Nothing like that when I was a kid or even Sam)

Went to Walgreen's on the way home, their computers where down so I had to go to another one. Jack was in the car saying mommy I need you. Oh I forgot to tell you I didn't feel well either. My throat was hurting so bad.

So when we got home, Jack was all hyper, running around and wouldn't slow down. I was so tired and worried about him, all the what if's running threw my head. I called my H's step-mom to see if she could come over and stay with us. Of course she did, she is always so sweet and helpful. I am so thankful for her! She can put a smile on all our faces!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy First Week for New Year!

Sunday: We met a friend and her daughters (Sam's friend) at Barnes and Noble to exchange our Christmas gifts. Jack was pretty good except he wanted every book, oh so did his sister. I had to keep reminding her that her birthday was just days away. We were going to go in the cafe, but it was packed so we went to a near by sandwich store. Jack had to bring in a few little figures from Toy Story. So we are by the table and there are all the people trying to have a nice lunch and Jack screams out very loud...."YOU KILLED MY FATHER, NO BUZZ I AM YOUR FATHER, AHHHHHH! Oh, the looks I got.... Kids really do say the darendest things. So of course he just kept saying it over and over, except when I got smart and gave him a cookie!
Then that evening we went to dinner at a steakhouse. We asked the waitress to give him juice if they had any if not water. So a few minutes later she comes back and gives him his cup and says we don't have juice. I said ok thanks, Jack takes a drink and very quickly says "sorry lady, but you forgot my juice." The waitress didn't really know what to say, but she said, "no honey I didn't forget, we don't have any juice." He said oh ok. She said "oh my god he is so cute, how old is he." Jack says very quickly, "YOU don't say that (god) you get in big huge trouble lady."
It was so funny. =)
Monday: I cleaned house
Tuesday: I cleaned house, Sam's friend came home with her.
Wednesday: I cleaned house Sam had allergy shots. Then we went to J's dad's house to take Brenda to dinner for her Birthday.
Thursday: Cleaned house, went to store, Jack and I had lunch with Cookie monster, Elmo and Zoe! Can't say that happens everyday! Sam's school lost power, Sam's friend came home with her, then we went to the mall. Cooked yummy tacos, gave Jack a bath and Sam and I went to get our nails done!
I am ready for bed I hope I can sleep tonight.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year to all, I hope everyone has a happy, full of smiles and laughter, 2010!

I just can't believe that my baby will be 11 years old in 10 days!!!! Where did the time go? She is growing up to be more than I could have ever dreamed, she is my sunshine, my light!
Then that means I will be 31! Again where did the time go?
I think Jack is feeling better finally, I took him back to the dr on Monday and they gave him some more meds. He was so cute tonight... I put him to bed around 8, then around 9 he was talking so I went in there and he said "there is something in my closet." So I said, "do you want me to turn the light on?" He said, "Yeah, so you can see what it is!" So I turned on the light and looked in the closet and said nope I don't see anything. So I shut off the light and there was a shadow on the wall from his train table, and he points to it and says, "there is a ghost!" I showed him it was the shadow from his train table. So I rocked him some more. I would have never thought at 2 1/2 almost I wouldn't be rocking him to sleep. But ever since he was sick around the end of Nov. that was the only way I could get any sleep. He is so sweet he was talking and saying I am so glad you are here mommy. Then he would touch my head, then he would yawn and say I am so tired. But I know before I know it he will be turning 11. So I am just trying to make the most of it, be in the moment with him, and know I will not be rocking him too much longer.
It was very cold here I think at one point my car said it was 28, but it was very windy, so that made it even colder! I wish it would snow!
I am reading Secrets of the baby whisper for toddlers. When reading it I keep wishing I would have known about the baby one, I think it could have been helpful when Jack was a baby.