Friday, June 26, 2009

THe Mall

Yesterday we went to the mall.  Jack had a blast playing, and climbing on all the stuff.
Samantha begged me to take her to the Chocolate store (Lindt)  So we went in, and you always get a free piece of candy just for going in.  So these to guys behind the counter give Jack one and he was in heaven!  I don't think he has ever been that quite or still.  He was just loving his chocolate and I turned around and for a second and then look back at Jack and the 2 guys had given him another one!  I said OK you guys seriously, how many have you given him?  They said oh that is only his fourth!  I said ok really NO MORE!  But by this time Jack was saying I love Chocolate and the guy said can you say I love Lindt Chocolate?  And Jack did of course, our little parrot!
Then we came home and all went to my father-in-laws, and got in the pool, it was so nice the temp of the water was 88!  We left Sam there so she could spend the night.
It was a GREAT DAY!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today went pretty well, I am feeling much better now that I got some hair cut off.  My hair is just too thick!  Looks like Sam's hair is going to be the same way!  She got to get her hair cut also, I think hers looks so cute!  
My mother-in-law watched Jack while I took Sam to get her allergy shot today!  That was so nice.  Not having to fight with him the whole time at the Dr office.  Her shots are going well so far (knock on Wood).   Then I had to make a return to Bed Bath and Beyond.  
Then Samantha saw the TAPS store, witch she LOVES, so she was begging me to go in, and seems we didn't have Jack I thought, alright, I could go in there and actually look around and think.   I had been wanting a Felt board for Jack, so I got one!  Then we came home put Jack to bed for his nap and I had some felt from Michaels, so Sam and I just used cookie cutters and cut out a few shapes for Jack.   When he woke up from his nap he played with it, he said, "I love it!"  
He has been so funny!  On Father's day we were sitting on the couch and he was playing with his blocks and they fell over and he said to Jeff and I "oh, you have got to be kidding me!" HA! =)
 So tomorrow should be interesting we are going to be getting a new roof, they are starting at 8 am.  oh, that is early!

Monday, June 22, 2009


This past weekend went by so fast!  We did Father's day with my H's dad on Saturday, b/c his dad had to work Sunday.  So my H made spaghetti, it was very good, but it heated up the house that was already way too hot b/c it was 100 outside!
Sunday, we had a nice breakfast with my H mom, then she kept the kids and we went to the movies saw Palham 123, I thought it was a good movie.
Then my H went and played golf.  I started not feeling well, my head hurt.  So I put Jack to bed and went to sleep at 8:30!  I did want to make these really cute burgers that BAKERELLA had on her site.  So Samantha and I did make them tonight!  They are fun to make, and EASY!  
I also wanted to share this cute card I made for Father's day!  I got the letter stamps at Michael's for $1!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Allergy Shots!

Yesterday, Samantha had to get her first allergy shot.  It went a little different than I had pictured it going it in my head.
 I made the appt. early thinking Jack would be better. 
 Oh, boy.
  So we get there and I sign her in, we wait about 15 min. Jack was ok, he was playing with some toys they had in the waiting area.
So they call us back, I pick Jack up, and we walk into the room where they do allergy shots.  So now the nurse is telling me things and handing me papers to sign.  Meanwhile Jack is screaming, wiggling out of my arms, climbing on chairs, then he finds the oxygen tanks and thinks they are REALLY neat!  Then I am trying to pick him up, then she is telling me Samantha will need a EpiPen and it must come with us and then she is showing me how to use it and making me do a test run on myself.  By now Jack has wiggled out of my arms again, and now is laying on the floor, because I am trying to pick him up.  So now the nurse tells us we can go back into the waiting room, and come back in the allergy room in 30 min.  
 So we go back out to the waiting room.  This time Jack isn't going to play so nice.  Now he is tearing books apart and writing with crayons on the toys,  then he tries to climb on the chairs over the arm rests.  So I tried to get him and he runs under the chairs.  Remind you WE Have to wait in the waiting room we cannot leave.  I must stay with Samantha at all times.  
Well, Samantha and I were counting down the min and sec. and we go back there and FINALLY it is time, they listen to her chest and maker her blow in the peak-flow.  And Jack is screaming and running around.  So when she gets the all clear to go I tell Samantha to take him into the waiting room and I will be right there.  I had to make her next appt.  So all I hear is Jack Screaming and yelling NO,  so I get the appt. and I am trying to open the door to the waiting room and I look threw the window in the door and I can see Jack Laying on the floor, screaming and kicking Samantha.  Poor Samantha trying to reason with Jack.   
BOY, Allergy shots have sure changed since I had to get them, NOW I feel really OLD!  There was no need for an EPi Pen, making an appt for your next shot, needing 2 shots, or to blow in the peak-flow.  I  sure hope next week Jack will be better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Party Day at Samantha's school

GOOD-BYE 4th Grade....
I can't believe that it is over!  It went by so fast!  She had a great year and her teacher was really nice!  We did the party today and they had pizza and cupcakes.  Then they did some games, and had snow cones, and did a relay race outside with popcorn!  It was really HOT!  
Jack enjoyed all the kids, he would say funny things or make silly faces and all the kids would laugh, he just ate it up!  All the kids liked him!  OH, and of course POOH had to join us!

They each got one of these to take home!  Everyone brought in something to help fill them up!  

Good Deals!

So I went to the Dollar Tree to get some goodies for Samantha's class, and found these ....
For a Buck I thought they were great.  I painted them, they were unfinished. 
Then I went to Target and I go crazy in there $1.00 SPOT!  I found this I thought looked pretty good for the 4th!

Monday, June 8, 2009

This weekend!

We had a good weekend.  Of course it went by way too fast! 
My H came home Friday afternoon.   We just relaxed around the house.
Saturday, my mother-in-law came over and watched the kids while my H and I went shooting at the range, I have no idea what kind of gun it is, but I did really good on the target! Then went to a movie and to a quite dinner.  Samantha spent the night with her Granny and went swimming in the pool.   Sunday,  my mother-in-law come over again around 6pm, and gave Jack his bath and put him to bed, and my H and I got to have another quiet dinner!   Jack is now at the age where he won't sit in the highchair or stroller when we go out.  
This is Samantha's last week of school!  =)  YIPPIE!  Today they are doing the awards, so I am going to take Jack.... we will see how this goes!  Wish me luck!  
Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to the beach.  It was really hot 92!  But after we got our feet wet it wasn't too bad.  
We saw this big yellow ball with a smile, and Jack was so excited!  Jack didn't care too much for the sand.  But after we got his feet wet and he watched the other kids he liked it.  There was a little girl, she was almost 3, she really liked Jack.  She kept giving him hugs, it was cute.
Then Jack saw a boat, and he said  "I go get it."  I told him "no, you can't get it."  He was ready to go run into the water and get the boat!  We stayed for an hour and a half, but seemed like 20 min.  
My main reason for going to the beach was I wanted to get a picture of the kids  for Father's day.   I had gotten shirts at Old Navy for Father's Day.  But that didn't seem to work out too many distractions.  So I will try again in the backyard.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was cleaning the floor, and Jack was walking around with these little letters.  When I took a quick look at him and he is chewing, I FREAKED -OUT, I said "Jack, did you eat that", he said "yeah!"   I said "oh Jack, you can't eat those!!"  So then I am running around the house looking for the all the letters and numbers.  That was going to be the only way I knew if he actually ate one.  I did find them all, Thank goodness!  Last one I couldn't find was G, but then I moved the couches and I was so Happy to see it!   Well they are all going in the trash!
I think Jack must be getting his 2 yr molars because he always has to have something in his mouth!
OH BOYS!  I am sure this is only the beginning!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jack and the fireplace...

The day before yesterday, Jack decided to drop a comb in the slats of the top of our fireplace.
And I saw him do it, just in time to where he had it all shoved in and all he had is one cm left to push in, and he looked at me across the room and I said "NO" and he gave it a good shove!  So all I keep thinking about is Oh, I need to get that out, but thinking I have no idea how I am going to get it out.
So this evening, after he was in bed of course.  Samantha helped me, we tried a few things but then I thought CHOPSICKS!  So that worked, with the help of Samantha's little fingers, after 20 min.
Samantha came home early today, the school nurse called and said she had been in there 2x's  with a headache.   Also when I picked her yesterday, she had a really bad headache.  I think it is just allergies, Summer is here and it was in the 90's here.  Everything is in BLOOM!  
I also have her an appointment set up on the 11th, the last day of school to start her allergy shots.  What a way to start up summer vacation! =)