Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Week...

Sam coming out of the tube! She LOVED it!

This has been a very busy week for us! Tuesday, when Sam got out of school, we went to the Great Wolf Lodge! I had heard it is great! It was, the kids had a blast! I am glad we went while school was still in. I am sure they are packed all summer long! It was so nice that it was all indoors, so didn't have to worry about getting burned! We didn't do everything they had so we can go back and do some other things! LIKE THE SPA!
I cannot wait for this school year to be over! I think I am more excited than Sam!
Today we went to Papa and Mamaw's house! The kids stayed there and got to get in the pool! While the hubby and I went to a movie! I guess Jack was fine, didn't cry for me! Yippiee!

I haven't been feeling 100%, my throat has been hurting! ARGGGG! I hope it's not strep!

Today my sister got married! My mom said it all went well! I haven't talked to the new bride yet. I will call her tomorrow! I can't wait to see the pictures. I really wish I could have gone but with it the last few weeks of school, I need to stay her to keep Samantha on track.
I wish my sister and my new brother in law the best! All he needs to remember is she is ALWAYS right!

Jack drew this heart yesterday! I was so proud!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Last weekend the kids went with Granny and stayed at the Beach! They each got 2 frogs, how to care for frogs I have no clue! The hubby says to let them go in a pond!

This week flew by for me! A few dr appts for the kids, all is well! I finally got my mother's day gift from my hubby, it was on back order. I am in love with it! It is a ipad! It is so cool! Now just have to wait for the case to come, it is on back order! So NO kids will be touching it!
I am as always trying to get cought up on laundry. I am thinking about my sister, she is getting married on the 30th. Then on June 5th she has her baby shower. I wish I could be there, but I have go to stay on Sam, she has a few grades she has to work really hard on for the next few weeks!
The weather here in VA is HOT, it is summer here! Always goes right to summer no spring here!
Happy my hubby is home, to help me with the kids. We went to see Shreck last night, We didn't stay for the whole thing. Jack wasn't really into it. So I was holding him and his diaper malfunctioned and all the sudden there was pee running down my leg into my shoe. That's when you KNOW it is time to leave!

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

I am so thankful my hubby is home safe and sound tonight. Jack was so excited to see him! Jack kept saying all day, "I need my Daddy".
I am so happy it is Friday! But for some reason Sam has been getting homework on the weekends now. I thought that was against the LAW! She needs to work super hard, I can't believe school is almost out and she will be in MIDDLE school next year! YIKES!
Jack has found a new passion, picking his nose. Yes, I know, how lovely. The other day he even picked it and showed a police man who was trying to eat his lunch, Jack walked up to him and showed it to him and screamed "EWWWWW". Thank goodness the policeman just said "EWWW" back! I was so embarrassed.
Jack has also been chewing every toy he has in his hand. I even found him eating paper. I don't know what to do with him.
It was so very hot here today, felt like 100! I am already over summer!
Sam and I both got our hair chopped off this week! I will have to take a picture of us!

Good night all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Already?

I have a hard time believing it is May already. We have been having weather like it is July tho. YUCK, I am already over SUMMER!
My Hubby is gone again, should be back home on the 14th. I have been busy getting my mom's gift ready and I did get it in the mail today.
Last night we went over to a friends house and saw her 4 horses! I love horses, Sam was so excited, but oh my did she start having trouble with her allergies. Jack just wanted to stay really far from them he kept saying, they might bite me!
Thursday night is Sam's Violin program at school, I am so excited! Her Papa and Mamaw are going to join us. She needs to get practicing. I need to make sure to get there really early! Seems all the good seats are always taken!
My ears are finally feeling better, I did have an ear infection. Jack has a little cough, I am sure it is allergies!
I officially took Jack's crib out if his room. It is in the hallway. I didn't want to move it too far, tonight I almost put it back up. He just won't stay in his bed! Sam ALWAYS stayed in her bed! I don't know what to do with him!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Week and Happy Mother's Day weekend!