Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov. 4 2010

I am enjoying a cup of coffee in a mug from a good friend, I have been thinking of her lots lately. Because it is time to make cards for all the holidays that are coming up!

I have lost my voice again, nope I haven't been to any concerts!

My H took off today, to go to his dad's. So Jack and I can be as loud as we want and go in any room of the house. AHHH
it is nice!
I am grateful my H took Sam to school toady. But sad when he found his car had been broken into and his ipod was gone :-/

Today I need to do laundry, oh I hate doing laundry!

We had a fun Halloween, Brenda came over and one of Sam's friends came along with us as well.... I need to throw away the candy, it keeps calling my name!

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