Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture Day!

Yes, today we went to The Picture People, and got the kids pictures done.  We were going to go last week, but with Jack so sick we had to move it.  Today, Jack was in such a good mood all day!  Then he didn't want to take his afternoon nap, so I was a little worried how it was going to go. 
He did good, of course he didn't want to sit down or be still for 5 seconds.  But the photographer got some great shots.  We did some poses in there Christmas outfits, and some in their p.j.'s! 

Outside my window:  hot, it was 70 here today. Yuck, I want snow!

I am thankful for:  my two wonderful children, I am so happy to spend everyday with them.

From the kitchen:  I made dinner, but didn't have much flavor.

I am creating: ornaments for loved ones.

I am going:  To MacArthur Mall tomorrow, to see the big unveiling of their new play area, the company my sister works for did.

I am hearing: the dog snore very loudly.

Around the house:  The tree is up, with presents under it, but the baby gate around it to keep Jack out.

Things on my to do list:  mail some boxes, bake, wrap, give the dog a bath.

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