Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bathtime with Jack

I really enjoy bedtime with Jack, he loves his baths, except when it is time to wash his hair.  I feel it is our one on one time and it is time to wind-down.   After his bath we get on P.J's I ask him what books he wants to read and I name a few.  He will yes or no to the titles.  By this time he is asking for his milk.  He will say "I want milk"  I do still try to get him to do the sign for things I know.  Then we get his milk and books and sit in the rocking chair and I read while he drinks his milk.  Then after 3 or 4 books I will ask him if he wants me to sing, the response is always "Yes".  So I lately I have been singins Row, Row your boat,  he will ask for "Rock baby" so I sing that and always Twinkle Twinkle, and he tries to sing with me.  So adorable!  
For the last week or so he has not been going to sleep as easly in the past.  I will get ready to put him in the crib and he will climb up as high on me as he can, like on my sholder and I can feel his grasp get tighter.  I then say "Pooh is ready to go night night".  He sleeps with Pooh every night.
When I rock him, I think to myself to savor this moment because he is growing so fast.

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