Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This morning started out me waking to Jack Screaming in my face then him moving my hair from my eyes, so he could see if he woke me!
Then quickly got dressed to help my H get stuff ready so he could take the items that he sold on ebay to the post office. And get out the trash, I love trash day, I love getting all the stinky diapers out of my garage! They are my favorite days of the week, yes they come twice a week!
Then I came upstairs and was reading Sam's dry erase board and it said Today: 80 degrees and SHOT. I thought for a minute and looked at her and said "OH, it's Tuesday, You have to get your shots" And of course she already knew that!
So then I am running around the house trying to feed the dog, get Jack dressed, you know all the morning stuff.
We got there and Jack was ok at first because there was not any other little kids there. So she got her shot and we went back the the waiting area. And there comes in more kids, and Jack of course wants every toy they have and every chair they are sitting in, and is trying to take toys away. Oh and taking his shoes off. Climbing over the arm rest of the chairs, that was where I drew the line and picked him up and said NO. Some other mom said "You are not being a good boy!" Of course I would have like to taken him out of the waiting room, but I can't so they all had to listen to him Screaming. Then he said he was going to be good. YEAH right, Don't ever trust a almost 2 yr old! So I let him down and he was ok until it was time to go back and get her arms checked. OH, my everyone in the whole building could hear him screaming.
He wanted to play, and I just scooped him up, and the nurse said "Can you call the Hospital and Schedule her next shot." (I know she just wanted me and my screaming kid out of there!)
So, He was in BIG Trouble! He didn't get to watch his Car movie in the car. I think he understood, that he was in trouble. ( But I am sure he has already forgotten why)
I hope the rest of the day is not a battle all day with the 2 yr old! =)

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