Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow, Thursday, already?

This week has gone fast for me I guess b/c I have been busy. With what you ask, Doctor appointments, sick kids and boys chasing Sam around.
Monday, I had to fast and get my blood checked, So I took Sam to school then ran to the lab to get it done, of course I had Jack with me. Got in there and a sign said, NO one under 18 allowed in, good thing Jeff hadn't left yet to go out of town. So I ran Jack home and went back to the lab.
Tuesday, I went to my regular doctor and then Jack went to his doctor. His nose ran all weekend, last Tuesday he was throwing up. Then Sunday he started coughing. So I really wanted them to listen to his lungs and make sure they were clear. I also wanted his ears checked b/c he had been so fussy. So on the way there is says to me "mom I am fine I am not sick" I say well lets have them just check you and make sure. So we go in and the dr comes in and of course has a student with her, and she checks him and he is fine. I laughed and told her what he told me. She laughed.
Then we went to a program at the school, Jack loved it. Samantha's ex
-boy friend followed her around. When the program ended, it was dark and I couldn't let him ride his bike home so I gave him a ride. Sam didn't like that either.
So then Tuesday night Jack was coughing alot so I put him in bed with me. Then at 3 am Sam comes in crying her ears hurt. So I got her some meds and tried to get her to rest.
Wednesday, I called Sam's doctor got her an appointment. Took her and she has 2 ear infections.
Today still working on getting them well. Jack is very fussy, I am beginning to think maybe it is his age, but I have heard 3 is worse!! I have got to get him potty trained! =)

Good night!

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