Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sorry Steph

Sorry Steph for not posting for over a month! I hope you forgive me. =)

Things have been busy, or I try to stay busy when my hubby isn't home. That way my mind won't wonder and I won't feel down.
So I have been hanging out with Jess, the lady that owns the store. She makes me laugh lots, and keeps me busy. During the week I go up there around 11 or so and pick up the girls when school is out. Then we stay until close 7pm. Then we usually go and grab dinner together. Our favorite is Sushi!
Last night we had Panera Bread. We got it to-go then brought it back to my house. Jack was so excited to have Cobi come to his house and see his toys. Jack was showing him his chair and the kitchen.... it was so cute. Jack also shared really well I was surprised! I thought it was going to be "NO THAT's MINE! But he didn't do that. But he was very wired and up late, then we got up early to go to Yard Sales with Jess. So he was really Cranky all morning , then while Sam was up at the store, I brought Jack home and put him down for a nap! My back also went out this morning so I have been in pain all day, hurts to move a little bit!
Also last night my mother in law stayed with us, she was leaving early today to go on a shopping trip with her mom. Sam was upset that she wasn't staying longer. She misses her Granny lots. Sam has been so moody lately! Between her and Jack oh my, I hope I make it threw the next year. I think it is going to be ruff.
Jack has been sleeping in his car bed! The crib is now time out and he goes in it often for hitting and throwing things and yelling, oh all the wonderful things.
We have plans tomorrow to have lunch with my father in law in his wife, the kids are excited!

The weather has been nice here. But everyones allergies are going CRAZY!
I must go lay down, good night all.

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