Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

Just got back home from Samantha's 5th grade Graduation! We are very proud of her, this year was a hard year for her. She is excited about going to middle school next year! I am so glad that there is only one more day left of 5th grade! Jack got to stay home with daddy, he took the morning off so I could go to the school and not have to chase Jack around. There is no way he would have sat there, for an hour and a half. I could barley do it. My back it really hurting and sitting in the metal chair for that long didn't help a bit!
Today I am going to try and get the laundry done, yes it is a goal everyday!
The weather here is still REALLY HOT! it is in the upper 90's everyday! I am already ready for FALL!

Over the weekend we went to the Virginia Aquarium, we had a blast they had changed a ton of stuff since we had been there! We took Jack to see and I-Max, he did better than I thought he would, he wore the glasses most of the time!
I can't believe Father's Day is almost here. I have already mailed my dad's off, now just need to find something for my hubby!

We have started a list of things to do this summer! We are still adding to it!

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