Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today my hubby was going to go out of town again for work. I got him out this am and he called about an hour later and said he was on his way home! So I am a happy camper! It seems he is always having to leave, for a week or more.
He also cooked dinner tonight, I love that! But it always seems he has to dirty every dish we own. So the clean up is a pain. But that's ok.
Jack is getting sick again. :( He has been coughing and had a runny nose now for a couple of days.
For some reason it feels like I can't keep him well. He doesn't want to eat much at all, that makes me crazy. I know they don't need that much at one time. But it seems like everything I offer him he doesn't like.
Outside: it has been very hot, too hot, I am over it. I can't wait for Fall!!
Samantha and I went threw all her clothes yesterday. Oh, what a chore. It seems like I would always go in her room and she would ask me what should I wear? I would pick something and she would say yuck! Or she would come to me with a shirt and ask what would go with this? So we put all the outfits together in her closet. It was so nice today to see her in something that I don't think I have ever seen on her before!
Projects : Scrapbooking has come to a halt, I am not sure what to do about all the NY pictures. Put them in their own book or just add some of the best ones into the family book.
I am painting a little something for my mom, not much.
Tried to find these little boxes to make this Halloween thing I thought the kids would love (me too)
But haven't had any luck, I guess I need to keep looking.
Happy Weekend to everyone!

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