Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unpacking and Packing...

Family picture (not many of these)
Kids feeding carp and ducks at dock where we rented the boat.
Sam on the dock. Back side of house.

Well, we are home from our first family trip to Smith Mountain Lake. It was so pretty, the weather was great and didn't get one bug bite!!
The house my H rented was so pretty and huge!
We all had a blast and are ready to go back. I hope next time I don't fall off the jet ski.
I wasn't ready to jump in the lake but when my H took me on the jet ski I never thought we would fall off. We weren't 10 feet from the dock, he started leaning to the left so did I, and next thing I knew he said we are going in the water, and I just remember going under and thinking ok WOW, that wasn't how I wanted to get in the lake! I just headed for the dock and left my H to get the jet ski! I lost a flip flop, but I made my H go out and get it after he brought back the jet ski.
We all loved the boat, Jack really loved it, watching the water.
We had no internet so we were forced to relax. It was great for all of us!

Now time to pack up again for out Colorado Trip! Samantha is so excited to see my parents house for some reason. So that should keep her busy for a while!

Sam on the boat!

Front of house

Sam and I on the boat!

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