Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Already?

I can't believe it is Wednesday already. Samantha had a good first day yesterday. Her only homework was to find a graph in a magazine. But they said homework this year should be no more than 50 min. I guess they say it should be 10 min. for each grade. It was a gloomy day all day yesterday, I just wanted to stay in bed all day. But that didn't happen. The dog keeps getting sick he threw up both of his meals yesterday and then again this am. Oh and of course he has to do it on the new rug I just bought last week, can't do it on the hardwood. So I just made him chicken and rice. I hope he can keep that down, and I don't have to take him to the vet.
The sun is shinning today, It is coming threw the window and warming me up, I have been cold all day.
Jack is taking a nap, he is so busy and rough, always going 100 mph. I was able to go in Hallmark and get a few cards for Grandparents day, is on Monday. I don't always remember but when I do I like to send a card for all the grandparents. So I was happy to get that done!
Well, I am going to clean out the car while Jack is sleeping, and maybe do some laundry!

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