Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday already?

Bye bye old van.... The dealer removing my tags.

I can't believe it is Sunday already. This weekend flew by.
I will start with Friday. My H was off of work and went and got me a new van! I love Honda! My H got me a silver, 2010 Honda Odyssey, I am loving it and so are the kids! My Chrysler was just starting to have too many issues and it only had 25,000 miles on it. But I don't think any car will ever be as needed as that one was. I will never forget when my H brought it home for us. 2 years ago, with the new baby it was needed! It made everything so much easier.
Saturday we went to my H's dad's house for a BBQ. It was fun and yummy! Jack wasn't very good he wouldn't take a nap before we left.
Today, we went to one of my favorite places for lunch, Wild Wing. Sam and I went to Target! And of course watching football. Well, I'm not but my H is. I tried to clean house and it seemed I would clean one area and then the kids or my H would come in and trash it again so I gave up on it. I will try tomorrow when everyone is at work or school!
I hope everyone has a great Week!

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