Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Jack, not so much a baby.

I think I am slacking on keeping track with Jack these days so I just wanted to jot some things down so I don't forget. He is growing so fast!

1. I love it when he asks me "wanna play cars with me mommy?" (HOW could I SAY NO)

2. Now that we have his costume he will bring it to me and say "Can I put on my pumpkin costume please?"

3. He loves to play with his cars, but is always asking me where one of them is.

4. He likes to scream at the dog and make him jump.

5. He will say he wants to color but will just switch the caps on the markers around.

6. I don't think he ever eats more than 5 bites at a meal.

7. He loves for me to read Blues Clues over and over.

8. He hates to get his hair rinsed in the bathtub.

9. He loves to play with his sister, & she loves to play with him.

10. He loves to call people on my phone, he knows how it works. I am apologizing now if he has called you and hung up. He will call Grandma and say I want to talk to my Daddy.

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