Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saturday is almost here!

We are all so excited that Saturday is almost here, because my parents are coming out, and will be here for a week!

There has been a lot going on around here! Last weekend my friend and I had a yard sale, the weather wasn't that good but we still made some money! Oh, and I got a sunburn! Now I am peeling, oh how I hate that!
On Saturday, when I was doing the yard sale my Hubby took the kids to the CIRCUS! They got spoiled, they had Awesome Seats! Had tons of cotton candy and hats! They also got picked to go on stage!

I have been busy planting flowers in the yard, making it beautiful for my mom! I have started some seeds inside for Jack to watch them grow, Basil and Parsley. Also started some grass in a glass container, to bring some green inside!

I took the dog to the groomer to get a bath. He still isn't talking to me or eating. He must be on Strike. To say he is never going again!

I finally ordered my Photo book for the year 2010, from Snapfish! They had a 150 page MAX and I had to get rid of a few pages! I haven't got it yet in the mail yet but I will let you know if it is all I hoped it would be! =)

Also, I have fallen in love with the website
It just might be the answer to adding a little something to Jack's room that I have been looking for! You should go and check it out! NOW!

Samantha is doing good with her brace! The first day was really bad. Yesterday was her first day wearing it to school, because she was sick on Monday and Tuesday. Every other day I can tighten it up just a bit more!

Sunday, Jack went home with Granny so I can try and get the house ready for my parents.

Last night, Sam and I put out all the Easter stuff! Need to go to Dollar Store and pick up just a few little things.

Samantha also Won Student of the Month! YIPPIEE! They got breakfast brought in by Chick-fil-a, Sam's favorite!

Off to go start some more Laundry!

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