Tuesday, May 3, 2011

VIsit from my parents

We had a good visit. They stayed at the beach. Sam spent the night once with them. Wish they would have stayed closer to the house or with us. We just didn't really get to spend as much time with them as I thought we would have. Everyday they came over around 10am never went out to breakfast Really wanted to take them to the Broken Egg Bistro. I love it there! They didn't want to plan anything so it was, fly by the seat of your pants. I much rather plan. The Monday they were here we went to Yorktown (my dad picked). We got there and everything was closed on Mondays! One day we went to the beach didn't last 30 minutes had to leave because Samantha was sick. (ok with me, it was really windy down there and Jack was screaming, from getting slapped with sand) They could have came back to the house with me and just hung out.

Then they went back to the hotel around 3pm daily. Except the day we cooked out at Jim & Brenda's.

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