Friday, March 25, 2011


I am so happy it is Friday! The sun is shinning here, but it is cold outside. High today will be 49.

Earlier in the week we did have some nice warmer weather, where Jack got to play outside at his friend's house. He is beginning to love the dirt.

I re-painted a picture for in Jack's room. This is Before...

This is after!

I really wanted to re-do his room with a theme, but don't think it will be. He likes too many things. Can't choose just one. =)

Wednesday after school Sam fell off a scooter and got scraped up pretty good. Some how she scraped up her hip. Both hands, both elbows and her knee. She doesn't handle pain well, so it has been constant topic when she is home.

To DO List Today:
Clean off desk
Keep adding to yard sale pile!

I hope you have a wonderful Weekend!

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