Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy Week...

Well it has been a busy week, seemed to fly by.  Jeff left Sunday to go to WV, Monday, Samantha came home sick from school at noon b/c she got sick in the nurse's office.  Jeff came home on Tuesday.  Witch is also when Jack started to get a runny nose.  Of course the day before his surgery.  So Wednesday, he couldn't eat anything but he could have liquids until 10am.  We had to be a the surgery center at 1:10pm and his surgery was scheduled for 2:40pm.  When we got there we waited and waited.  Then we went back and they took his vital signs and gave him some motrin, and sent us back to the waiting room.  Then at 2:30 they called him, and they took him back and of course he was screaming!  Took about 10 min. and the Dr. came out and said everything went fine.  So then we had to wait for the nurse to come get us, about 5 min. and when we were walking back to see him we could hear him SCREAMING!  We got to him and he was on his stomach (that's how he sleeps) and he was screaming so much and the nurse said that the gas that they gave him to put him to sleep would make really fussy.  (she wasn't lying)  I held him and usually he stops crying anytime if I pick him up.  We had to sit in there for about 15 min before we could go and he screamed the whole time.   Then he started crying for "Sissy"  and she wasn't allowed back because she was a child.  That upset her.  But we came out and she held him.  But he was still crying.   We offered him juice and M&M's and those are his favorite things and he didn't want any of it.  He was just going to cry!
A couple of hours later he was doing better and happier.  
Thursday, we went to the mall, he played, and had a great time running around!
Friday, just stayed home and cleaned up, did laundry!  Very exciting, I know! =)

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