Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am thinking about tomorrow and that I am so happy that it is the day that Jack gets to see the ENT.   I feel so bad that he has had to wait a month with 2 ear inf. to see this Dr.  But everyone keeps telling me that is normal for this time of year, to wait up to 3 mo to get seen. 
I just am hoping the Dr. can put tubes in soon, so he can be well and a happier little boy.
This week with all going on, he has been extra fussy.  I can't even walk one foot away from him without him crying and pulling on me.

On another note: Samantha is having Colonial Day at school tomorrow, she gets to dance with a boy!  So before we go to the Dr. we are going to the school.  My mom made her a special dress, I will post some pictures.

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