Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Colonial Days 4th Grade

The Colonial Days where so much fun at Samantha's school.   The whole 4th grade hall was transformed, it was just like walking in Williamsburg!   Each classroom was a different building.
Samantha class was the quilt shop, so they split the class up in groups one group stayed in the classroom and quilted and the others got to go around to all the shops.   First stop was the bakery, where they got to taste some cookies.   They got to learn about how the bakery worked back then.  There was a Tavern, candle making shop, kids writing letters with feathers,  basket weaving, knitting.   I really liked the hallway they had made buildings out of paper, and had light posts outside of each class, that were lit up!
I didn't get to see the dace they did.  My mom did a great job on her dress, she received a ton of compliments on it.

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