Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 10, 2009

This week is a crazy week, we have a lot going on. Sam was out of school today and Tomorrow. She is having a friend sleepover. Jack wouldn't take a nap today, so he went to bed early. He thought Sam's friend was here to play with him!
Jack has been so funny, when you say something he doesn't want to hear, he will say; "What I can't hear you." He still says but for button. That was making Sam and her friend crack up.
Last night I said Jack it is time for bed. He said, "NO, I need to play cars!" I said, nope. It's time to go get into the bath." He said "NO." Then of course I say, "excuse me?" So then every time I said something to him he would say EXCUSE ME.
I have started to think about Christmas, I know it would be here before I know it. So there is a consignment shop that opened just down the street. So I have been taking things in there that Jack doesn't need anymore, and I just keep it as store credit. I have found lots of Gymboree clothes with tags still on for Jack. I snatched this up for him for Christmas. So I got it for FREE! I know if he doesn't play with it Sam will. I remember being a kid and always wanting a kitchen with a fridge.

I have been busy, making things. I made a wreath for our front door. It only cost me $4.00. my H took Jack and gathered all the acorns! He had a blast! He would say this one has a hat on, this one doesn't have a hat. It was cute!

I thought it turned out great!

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