Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Jack the Jack o Lantern, Samantha was Nacy Drew, and Scooby was Bat DOG!
Jack was upset because he didn't want to sit down and get his picture taken.

We had a great Halloween, Ma-maw (Brenda) came over and I cooked Ranch Chicken and Samantha's friend came over and we went out to teach Jack how Trick or Treating works! He was very scared at first but after a while he got the hang of it. At the last few houses he was in front of the girls to get his candy. If the people put out their bowl he would just keep grabbing candy until I would have to say NO MORE! He would also forget to say trick or treat, but he always said thank you. It was so much fun to watch him!
It was very Humid and hot, poor Jack was sweating in his costume, but he didn't care he was having so much fun, by the time we were almost done he was dragging his pumpkin candy holder on the ground it was too heavy for him, but he wouldn't let us help him.

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