Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. 4, 2009

Yesterday it was so funny Jack said I need to get on the computer with Grandma. I said go ahead and call her and ask her. So I handed him the phone and he asked her to get on the computer and she of course said yes. He was so funny showing her his toys. He told me to put Grandma down. He was talking about putting the laptop on the floor.

Sam took her violin test today and passed so she got to move on and she is now allowed to use the bow! Very exciting.... 2 months into school and she is finally allowed to use the bow. I just laugh.

My hubby is home, to the wild house. He got Jack a new car set and Jack is loving it!
We are so glad he is back, we missed him tons!

I need to think about birthday's this month, there are lots! I know this month is going to go fast! So I am going to try and say on it!

My dear sister said my slippers have been put in the mail, oh I hope I get them soon... I miss them lots! Thanks so much Sis for fixing them, you rock!

Happy Wednesday to all!

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