Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Week....

It has been another hard week at our house. Jack started coughing and had a runny nose. I took him to the Dr on Tuesday to get his lungs checked, b/c his cold sounded so bad. But she said they were clear. So we went home and around 4:00pm I called them back and they didn't want to see him again. So I tried to relax and just keep a close eye on him. I put him to bed but I kept going in his room to check on him and around 8:30pm he woke up and he was working hard to breath so I told Sam to get dressed we are going to the ER.
We got there pretty fast not much traffic at that time! So we parked and went in. I wasn't really prepared at all, I didn't put any shoes on him no coat, he just had the 2 blankets from his bed. I also forgot the diaper bag in the car, but figured they had plenty there for us to use.
We waited a while in the waiting room, I was kind-of surprised.... Usually if it is a breathing problem they take you right back.
So they called us back and right away the nurse came in she was so nice her name was Liz. Then there was alot of dr and nursed coming in and out. Sam was also not feeling well, and she looked really hot her cheeks were all flushed. She started crying, I think she was just worried about Jack. She got some water and calmed down.
Then they gave him 2 neb treatments back to back then checked him and did 2 more back to back. He got to have a Laser on his toe like BUZZ lightyear (the pulse oxygen)
He had to be on oxygen, 2 liters. He hated that! They also gave him some prednisone.

They said he was going to be admitted, I wasn't expecting that. Then she said we are trying to see how he does on the oxygen I think is he would have needed more he would have gone into the PICU. I was so happy he didn't have to go in there!

By 3 am Sam was loosed up and so was Jack, he was feeling better. Sam was joking around with the dr. asking him where she could find some food, asking for the keys to the ambulance, even tho she wan't 16 yet. He told her all he had was a cracker, She said a cracker... I don' t want that. He said oh wait I might have something better. So he came back with a orange icee. She loved that!
Finally around 3:30 they had a room for him. So we went up to the 8th floor. Then the dr and nursed up there and tons of questions. OH, and the nurse said she had to go. She as Samantha, Yep my hubby's not here we just went threw the whole ER and now she had to leave. I was pissed, but I didn't have the energy to fight this nurse. So I called her papa to come and get her. She took it very personal. She was very upset. But I knew she would be fine and I had to be there with Jack he needed me, and I know that because he told me a million times..."mommy I need you" Even when I was holding him. Of course the first thing he said when he woke up and didn't see his sister was, "where is sissy!"
So we all know how it is in the hospital, they come in every 10 min and the machines are all beeping, and the beds are awful!
My mother in law came to town to take care of Sam, and I stayed with Jack. He was very good. All the nurses loved him. He finally got to go in the playroom, he didn't want to leave, I rode him around in a wagon with is buzz and woody. He loved that he could push the red button and his nurse would come in and get him whatever kind of juice he wanted.
When we left yesterday at 2:30 he said I like the post office. I said Jack this isn't the post office, it is the hospital, OH, I like the hospital.

So today he had to go to the allergy dr and they tested him, the only things he is really allergic to is Cat and Dog. Cat more than dog.
So he will have to neb 2 times a day and have a nose spray, then he goes back in 3 mo to get re-checked.

I am so tired I have to go to sleep.... goodnight blog land!

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