Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Feb. 2, 2010

We still have lots of snow on the ground, it was nice for a day. But it can melt away now. When you don't have snow things the snow isn't much fun. But we only get this snow ever 10 years or so. But it was wonderful to see the white stuff.
Samantha has had a blast playing in it. Jack on the other hand doesn't like it at all he won't walk in it he just will freeze, and want to be held.
I am still trying to get the house clean but it is endless. I don't know why I can't wrap my brain around that my house will never be spotless, at least not every area at the same time.
Samantha has been out of school, they still don't have school tomorrow. I think on Sunday when my hubby went to the store they said they would be closing at 6pm b/c they haven't got their truck. That is just crazy to me where I grew up, everything still was open and life still went on. NOT here in Virginia, we get shut down!
Our heater has been broke so hopefully tomorrow they guy can put in a new one, if it's not raining. Thats the other thing today there was snow all over the streets and ground but it was raining, I don't think I have ever seen that in my life.
I had free movie passes so I took Jack, Sam and her friend to see Alvin, Jack did pretty good.
Well, I am off to bed, I am very sleepy.

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