Monday, April 19, 2010


Today I didn't get as much done that I wanted. My back is still really hurting, but I tried to keep moving all day.
Jack was able to sleep in a bit today b/c my hubby is home. So I didn't have to drag Jack out of bed when I had to take Sam to school. Jack only got out of his bed once last night, as soon as he did I took him back to his bed. He didn't go to bed tonight until almost 9pm so I am hoping he sleeps in tomorrow. My Hubby and I are spending the day together. My mother in law is watching the kids for us. It will be nice to have some quite time!
It has been really nice weather here in the 70's! I love in the morning the birds are so loud! Spring is here! I just wish the pollen wasn't I hate it all over my car!
I went to Jesses today, we are going to have a yard sale on Saturday, So we have been getting a bunch of junk together. I wish I could have been more helpful. My left leg keeps going numb! I am guessing I have a pinched nerve somewhere, wish I knew where, & how to un-pinch it!
I am trying to clean out my closet and get rid of some things, Jack has so many toys, especially now that he brings home so many from Jesses store! His latest one is puzzles!
Sam was crying tonight, she was doing her nightly reading and she was finishing up her book, she said it was really sad, she was reading "A dog named Kitty" by Bill Walace. I guess the dog died! I said well I don't want to read that book.
I hope tomorrow I can get more done around the house. At least some laundry, before it takes over the whole upstairs!

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