Monday, April 26, 2010

Been Sick...

Last week was awful with my back hurting, then getting the stomach bug and not being able to get out of bed on Thursday at all! Friday just not feeling that great, but had to get moving. Saturday got up at 10 to 6am, YES, that is 5:50am. For those that know me that never happens! So the kids and I went to my friends mom's house and got ready for the people to come! But around 8 am my friend had to take her baby to the hospital. He was just wheezing so bad and not moving air. So she left and we stayed until 2pm. We made $500 that was great! But my hubby was home sick with the stomach bug, and today, still isn't feeling well. I have fluid in my ears, oh I hate that feeling!
This week on Wednesday, Sam has a field trip to Pamplin Park, she won't get back to the school until 5:30. What a long day!

Oh I hope we start feeling better soon, and Jack doesn't get it!

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