Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug 17, 2010

Outside: Today was very hot, 96 was what my car said so the heat index was well over 100! AGAIN!

Kids: Are doing fine, Jack is counting really good! He loves doing puzzles, right now he enjoys the 24 pc ones! Yesterday we went to the thrift store and he found one and begged me the whole way home to do it. He really wanted to do it in the store! It was really cute! At the thrift store Sam found a dress I said she could only wear as a Halloween costume. You will have to wait to see it on Halloween!

This Morning: We cleaned out the new cage for PackRat! Yes she is still here! Jack is so funny, he will be holding her and she will clean her front feet and he will say "Oh look she is clapping!" And Sam will ask him if she can hold her and he will tell her no, it is his turn!

To Do List: Laundry, dog bath, clean up my desk, get some birthday cards, eye dr tomorrow.

So I am sure you are wondering about my find at the thrift store, I found an alligator for my Hubby. He is in FL and said he wanted to see one. So I am going to let this one surprise him when he gets home!

Sam is having a friend sleep over, so off to bed I go. I know she will be up early!

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