Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Lake was wonderful....

We had a wonderful time at the lake! The kids had a blast swimming in the lake!

Ronnie and Bonnie met us up there the first day, then they left Sunday evening. Then we had some friends come and join us on Thursday-Saturday. It was fun to have Brian, Emilee, and Anthony there. Samantha and Anthony would play ping pong, pool, the Wii, and Air hockey. They liked to run and jump off the deck and do ticks. Jeff and Brian work together. I enjoyed hearing Emilee talk about her canning, and making strawberry jelly, and telling be about her horses. I hope they also had a wonderful time! Anthony is a few years older than Sam, but they got along great! Jack of course liked having someone else to play with him.

There was deer in our front yard every morning. We saw wild turkeys. One night I found a snake on the front porch. I was amazed when I found a praying mantis, it was so strange. I was watching Sam walk down to the boat house, I leaned over the railing on the deck and I saw him turn his head and look right at me. I ran and got the bug cage, I had to show him to Jack. Jack wasn't as excited as I was about it. Then Emilee and I went to let him go and get a few pictures of him, and he jumped onto her leg and Jack started SCREAMING! Then it jumped onto my glasses, it was so funny! Jack wanted NOTHING to do with him.

Samantha lost a tooth while we were at the lake! I told her what a summer to remember!

There was a Dog named Mason that lived across the lake in a boat house with his family. Jack loved him, his owner would bring him over on the float when we were in the lake and we would chat, she was really nice and Mason was so friendly! On the last day he actually swam over by himself.

We all had a great time and can't wait to go back next summer!

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