Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away....

It rained all night and it is going to rain all day. We are going to get around 5 inches of rain. Yuck, it doesn't help me feel any better. I have Jack's cold. My head feels so heavy! I don't have any motivation today. I would really like to crawl back in bed.

Around the house: I am trying to get the garage cleaned up but it is very hard to load up the van to go donate things when it is raining so hard.

Samantha is doing well in school, she seems to like it, and is putting in alot of effort. I had to order her Yearbook already, $56.00! Wow, I was shocked, for a middle school yearbook? I had to order it by today.

Jack's favorite thing to play with is of course Packrat, if I will let him get her out. He has been playing with puzzles alot the 26 pc ones. Jack has been sleeping in his car bed, but he keeps getting out 10 times a night. I am ready to put him back in his crib!

So Happy Fall is on the way!

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