Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

My thoughts and Prayers are with the people that have been struck today with disaster. Japan, Hawaii, and the West Coast. I am so grateful my Sister & her family is home safe and sound, She came home on Sunday from Hawaii.

Today I woke to my back still hurting, note to self: I cannot lift the dog 4+ times in a day, my back can't handle it.

Jack is watching Nemo on Disney, I am not sure he has ever seen it all. I hope that will keep him quiet for a few minutes!

The Kids went to the Dentist yesterday, Sam did great! No cavities! Jack wouldn't get in the chair at all! I hope next time is better.

I am trying to figure out Jack's room, I wish it could look like a boys room out of a magazine, but I am wondering if that is really even possible! And he is no help he changes his mind daily.

I am working on a few projects.
a) Sam's school Scrapbook
b) Art for Jack's walls (I am attempting to paint something)
c) Make a photo wall upstairs hallway

The Hubby took off today, Sam goes to the orthopedic today about her Scoliosis. We are hoping her spine isn't too bad and will just have to wear a brace for a while. Then we are going to the movies to see MARS NEEDS MOMS.

NOTE: Make sure Markers are all Washable! ;)

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