Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow, Monday

Today was defiantly a Monday. I had to run to a few stores that were not very kid friendly and I sure got an earful from the little boy that had to ride with me. After the second store he told me we weren't going in any more stores, and we were going home! Oh, the joy's of having a 3 & 1/2 yr old with a mouth! Like for instants when the third store we stopped at was Farm Fresh, always starts out as "I want to ride in the car one" I say "NO" (sorry, I can't stand them I just think of all the germs) Then I try to ignore him and then I notice he is gone. Yep, he went to get the car one himself! So then I say "OK, but you HAVE TO stay inside the car." He agrees. So I proceed to the deli to get some lunch meat. I notice he is making honking noises. I try to ignore. Then a few minutes later he is climbing out of course. So I inform him he will be going to time-out when we get home. He doesn't care. So we make it down a few more isles, then proceed to the check out. The little boy is now out of the car, walking to the candy by the check out, he grabs gum. I tell him "no." He throws it up on the conveyor belt, into the items that belong to the man in front of me. I inform the boy that that man will not be buying it for him either. Then the boy got back into the car I remove the gum. Then he gets back out of the car and tells me I need to get some other kind of gum, I tell him no, he says "I'm going to stay there until I buy it." I say "well, I am leaving." Then the boy wants to ride on top of the car. I inform him he cannot ride there. I tell him I need his help carrying the bags out, and hand him a bag. This is the best, are you ready for it? So walking to the car the boy informs his mother, that if she ever treats him rude like that again in Farm Fresh she will have to stay there. The mother says "oh, I don't think so I have the keys and driver's license." Then he says, "You are not being a good mom, when we get home I am going to bust you up." I inform the boy he will be going to time out for a long time when we get home for talking like that. So the whole way home he tell me, he isn't going to give me anymore kisses ever. We get home he gets out of the car, his Papa happens to be coming out of our house as we are going in and he says again, I'm going to bust you up, We come in the house and the little boy goes to time-out.

Later this afternoon, pick up Sam. Jack has a Re-check appt. from Saturday when I took him and they said he had the FLU. Gave him the Tamiflu, Seems to be doing better. Yep, I would say back to normal 3yr old self. Then I ask the dr to look at the rash by his face. She looks at it then looks at his hands, Yeah, that looks like hand, foot and Mouth. I think to myself::::GREAT:::::: This kid isn't even in school yet, are you kidding me! So we get back to the car, I notice him stick his hand down his pants and then pick his nose and then stick his finger in his ear, Sam and I look at each other and say No wonder he has Hand, Foot, Mouth!


Oh, and Sam is learning Family Life. Today was Day 1, she learned Don't have Sex! For some reason she thought that was so funny.

This is pretty much how it goes every day!

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  1. Sweet Lisa! :-)
    I can't believe how big your boy is and how grown up Sam is!!
    We miss you!