Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, Oct. 16, 2009

Today at school Samantha found out if she won President! The whole school voted on Thursday. She had to be to school early today because they were going to announce it first thing. So when I picked her up this afternoon she said she didn't win. =( I guess there was 8-10 kids from every class that ran for President. With 9 classes that is a lot of kids!

Tonight my H surprised us! He called around noon and said he would be really busy all day, and then was going out to dinner with all the guys from work. So he wouldn't be able to call me until later. So around 7:30 I was giving Jack his bath, and the bathroom door opened as it always does and I thought it was Sam, but this time Jack was looking at the door funny, I thought ok that's not Sam she would be talking by now. So I turn around and it was my Hubby! It was such a nice surprise! Jack was so excited he said "DADDY HOME"

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