Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct 26, 2009

Today my H was off of work. We went pumpkin' hunting after Sam got out of school. She had a good day she said, She did get the H1N1 shot today at school. She and Jack get the regular flu shot tomorrow. Then on Wed. she has her 2 allergy shots. Poor Girl!

It was a nice fall day here today. Oh I loved it... the trees are starting to change and the crisp in the air.
Jack enjoyed the pumpkin hunting, but he really enjoyed watching the jets fly over every few minutes and they are so loud he would run to who ever was closest to him and after they would pass he would say, "scary... but I like it! " It was so funny. Then he would say oh here comes another one! He kept talking to the pumpkin guy and the poor guy had no idea what he was saying. Jack had to have all the pumpkins lined up, just like he does his cars.

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