Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan. 23, 2010

Saturday I think, I really don't know what day it is anymore. Things are still a blurr for me. All I really know for sure is I don't feel well and haven't for many days now.
Thursday night I asked my H's step-mom to come back over and stay with us. Just easy things like feeding Jack or changing his diaper seemed impossible. She of course did, once again we are so lucky to have her in our family.
Friday I called Jack's dr back b/c his cough is still so bad and he was still saying his ear hurt. So we went back, she said we must have the flu and gave him the Tamiflu stuff. So then I called my dr office to see if they could call me in something, that was like asking them to do the impossible, I was really ticked off at them. But they finally did. Thank goodness, I didn't have the voice or energy to fight them.
Sam didn't go to school on Friday b/c she had a temp on Thursday night. Today she has a sore throat so she is coming down with it. My hubby is missing out on a really fun time!
Jack has been so cute, I have to share what he has been sleeping with lately.
Buzz and woody (of course)
Green toy solders ( from Toy Story also)
people from the little people house
alway his pooh bear
last 2 nights his lion.
oh and an alien (yep, Toy Story)

The next time you hear from me I hope I am well and so is everyone else in my house. =)

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