Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy First Week for New Year!

Sunday: We met a friend and her daughters (Sam's friend) at Barnes and Noble to exchange our Christmas gifts. Jack was pretty good except he wanted every book, oh so did his sister. I had to keep reminding her that her birthday was just days away. We were going to go in the cafe, but it was packed so we went to a near by sandwich store. Jack had to bring in a few little figures from Toy Story. So we are by the table and there are all the people trying to have a nice lunch and Jack screams out very loud...."YOU KILLED MY FATHER, NO BUZZ I AM YOUR FATHER, AHHHHHH! Oh, the looks I got.... Kids really do say the darendest things. So of course he just kept saying it over and over, except when I got smart and gave him a cookie!
Then that evening we went to dinner at a steakhouse. We asked the waitress to give him juice if they had any if not water. So a few minutes later she comes back and gives him his cup and says we don't have juice. I said ok thanks, Jack takes a drink and very quickly says "sorry lady, but you forgot my juice." The waitress didn't really know what to say, but she said, "no honey I didn't forget, we don't have any juice." He said oh ok. She said "oh my god he is so cute, how old is he." Jack says very quickly, "YOU don't say that (god) you get in big huge trouble lady."
It was so funny. =)
Monday: I cleaned house
Tuesday: I cleaned house, Sam's friend came home with her.
Wednesday: I cleaned house Sam had allergy shots. Then we went to J's dad's house to take Brenda to dinner for her Birthday.
Thursday: Cleaned house, went to store, Jack and I had lunch with Cookie monster, Elmo and Zoe! Can't say that happens everyday! Sam's school lost power, Sam's friend came home with her, then we went to the mall. Cooked yummy tacos, gave Jack a bath and Sam and I went to get our nails done!
I am ready for bed I hope I can sleep tonight.

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