Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year to all, I hope everyone has a happy, full of smiles and laughter, 2010!

I just can't believe that my baby will be 11 years old in 10 days!!!! Where did the time go? She is growing up to be more than I could have ever dreamed, she is my sunshine, my light!
Then that means I will be 31! Again where did the time go?
I think Jack is feeling better finally, I took him back to the dr on Monday and they gave him some more meds. He was so cute tonight... I put him to bed around 8, then around 9 he was talking so I went in there and he said "there is something in my closet." So I said, "do you want me to turn the light on?" He said, "Yeah, so you can see what it is!" So I turned on the light and looked in the closet and said nope I don't see anything. So I shut off the light and there was a shadow on the wall from his train table, and he points to it and says, "there is a ghost!" I showed him it was the shadow from his train table. So I rocked him some more. I would have never thought at 2 1/2 almost I wouldn't be rocking him to sleep. But ever since he was sick around the end of Nov. that was the only way I could get any sleep. He is so sweet he was talking and saying I am so glad you are here mommy. Then he would touch my head, then he would yawn and say I am so tired. But I know before I know it he will be turning 11. So I am just trying to make the most of it, be in the moment with him, and know I will not be rocking him too much longer.
It was very cold here I think at one point my car said it was 28, but it was very windy, so that made it even colder! I wish it would snow!
I am reading Secrets of the baby whisper for toddlers. When reading it I keep wishing I would have known about the baby one, I think it could have been helpful when Jack was a baby.

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