Monday, June 22, 2009


This past weekend went by so fast!  We did Father's day with my H's dad on Saturday, b/c his dad had to work Sunday.  So my H made spaghetti, it was very good, but it heated up the house that was already way too hot b/c it was 100 outside!
Sunday, we had a nice breakfast with my H mom, then she kept the kids and we went to the movies saw Palham 123, I thought it was a good movie.
Then my H went and played golf.  I started not feeling well, my head hurt.  So I put Jack to bed and went to sleep at 8:30!  I did want to make these really cute burgers that BAKERELLA had on her site.  So Samantha and I did make them tonight!  They are fun to make, and EASY!  
I also wanted to share this cute card I made for Father's day!  I got the letter stamps at Michael's for $1!

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