Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to the beach.  It was really hot 92!  But after we got our feet wet it wasn't too bad.  
We saw this big yellow ball with a smile, and Jack was so excited!  Jack didn't care too much for the sand.  But after we got his feet wet and he watched the other kids he liked it.  There was a little girl, she was almost 3, she really liked Jack.  She kept giving him hugs, it was cute.
Then Jack saw a boat, and he said  "I go get it."  I told him "no, you can't get it."  He was ready to go run into the water and get the boat!  We stayed for an hour and a half, but seemed like 20 min.  
My main reason for going to the beach was I wanted to get a picture of the kids  for Father's day.   I had gotten shirts at Old Navy for Father's Day.  But that didn't seem to work out too many distractions.  So I will try again in the backyard.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was cleaning the floor, and Jack was walking around with these little letters.  When I took a quick look at him and he is chewing, I FREAKED -OUT, I said "Jack, did you eat that", he said "yeah!"   I said "oh Jack, you can't eat those!!"  So then I am running around the house looking for the all the letters and numbers.  That was going to be the only way I knew if he actually ate one.  I did find them all, Thank goodness!  Last one I couldn't find was G, but then I moved the couches and I was so Happy to see it!   Well they are all going in the trash!
I think Jack must be getting his 2 yr molars because he always has to have something in his mouth!
OH BOYS!  I am sure this is only the beginning!

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