Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jack and the fireplace...

The day before yesterday, Jack decided to drop a comb in the slats of the top of our fireplace.
And I saw him do it, just in time to where he had it all shoved in and all he had is one cm left to push in, and he looked at me across the room and I said "NO" and he gave it a good shove!  So all I keep thinking about is Oh, I need to get that out, but thinking I have no idea how I am going to get it out.
So this evening, after he was in bed of course.  Samantha helped me, we tried a few things but then I thought CHOPSICKS!  So that worked, with the help of Samantha's little fingers, after 20 min.
Samantha came home early today, the school nurse called and said she had been in there 2x's  with a headache.   Also when I picked her yesterday, she had a really bad headache.  I think it is just allergies, Summer is here and it was in the 90's here.  Everything is in BLOOM!  
I also have her an appointment set up on the 11th, the last day of school to start her allergy shots.  What a way to start up summer vacation! =)

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