Friday, June 12, 2009

Allergy Shots!

Yesterday, Samantha had to get her first allergy shot.  It went a little different than I had pictured it going it in my head.
 I made the appt. early thinking Jack would be better. 
 Oh, boy.
  So we get there and I sign her in, we wait about 15 min. Jack was ok, he was playing with some toys they had in the waiting area.
So they call us back, I pick Jack up, and we walk into the room where they do allergy shots.  So now the nurse is telling me things and handing me papers to sign.  Meanwhile Jack is screaming, wiggling out of my arms, climbing on chairs, then he finds the oxygen tanks and thinks they are REALLY neat!  Then I am trying to pick him up, then she is telling me Samantha will need a EpiPen and it must come with us and then she is showing me how to use it and making me do a test run on myself.  By now Jack has wiggled out of my arms again, and now is laying on the floor, because I am trying to pick him up.  So now the nurse tells us we can go back into the waiting room, and come back in the allergy room in 30 min.  
 So we go back out to the waiting room.  This time Jack isn't going to play so nice.  Now he is tearing books apart and writing with crayons on the toys,  then he tries to climb on the chairs over the arm rests.  So I tried to get him and he runs under the chairs.  Remind you WE Have to wait in the waiting room we cannot leave.  I must stay with Samantha at all times.  
Well, Samantha and I were counting down the min and sec. and we go back there and FINALLY it is time, they listen to her chest and maker her blow in the peak-flow.  And Jack is screaming and running around.  So when she gets the all clear to go I tell Samantha to take him into the waiting room and I will be right there.  I had to make her next appt.  So all I hear is Jack Screaming and yelling NO,  so I get the appt. and I am trying to open the door to the waiting room and I look threw the window in the door and I can see Jack Laying on the floor, screaming and kicking Samantha.  Poor Samantha trying to reason with Jack.   
BOY, Allergy shots have sure changed since I had to get them, NOW I feel really OLD!  There was no need for an EPi Pen, making an appt for your next shot, needing 2 shots, or to blow in the peak-flow.  I  sure hope next week Jack will be better.

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