Friday, June 26, 2009

THe Mall

Yesterday we went to the mall.  Jack had a blast playing, and climbing on all the stuff.
Samantha begged me to take her to the Chocolate store (Lindt)  So we went in, and you always get a free piece of candy just for going in.  So these to guys behind the counter give Jack one and he was in heaven!  I don't think he has ever been that quite or still.  He was just loving his chocolate and I turned around and for a second and then look back at Jack and the 2 guys had given him another one!  I said OK you guys seriously, how many have you given him?  They said oh that is only his fourth!  I said ok really NO MORE!  But by this time Jack was saying I love Chocolate and the guy said can you say I love Lindt Chocolate?  And Jack did of course, our little parrot!
Then we came home and all went to my father-in-laws, and got in the pool, it was so nice the temp of the water was 88!  We left Sam there so she could spend the night.
It was a GREAT DAY!

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