Sunday, May 3, 2009

Botanical Gardens

 I have been meaning to share this.  A couple of weekends ago, I took the kids to Botanicals Gardens.   We had a great time!  Jack loved the new kid part.   I wish I would have known that it was going to be open.  So I could have dressed him accordingly.  We saw all the beautiful tulips, if we would have came any later in the season we would have missed them.
When we got there we got on the train ride.  Jack did o.k. until it got close to the e
nd.  Then he wanted out.  But Samantha and I managed to keep him in the train.
Then we went walking, and found some turtles, Jack really liked them, he was actually speechless.  Then we saw the tulips, of course I had to get pictures of Jack smelling them.  Then we went to the World Of Wonders.  Jack had a blast watching all the other kids, and splashing in the water.
The other great thing was it was only $12.00 to get in!  Can't beat that! =)

This weekend, I feel like I did get alot of things checked off my to do list!
Got caught up on the laundry, Samantha's room straight... at least for now.
Cleaned up the garage, got my craft table set up! =)  Did  touch up painting in my bedroom!  
Went and got the rest of the Mother's day stuff I needed.
Took another van full of stuff to donate to the Salvation Army!
Jeff cooked steaks on the grill tonight! Jack is in bed! So now just need to finish up on some paper filing.
It is time to say Hello to Monday again!  The weekends seem to fly by!

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